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The Scent of Destiny, with Numbuh One is a summer episode to during how to fight into superbreaker with...Fragra and his monsters with Cell Phone Org, Bulldozer Org and Freezer Org led by Red Pine. with by the stand of Numbuh One. Luna Loud must fight with SCS Teenagers.

Scent of a RangerEdit

  • Stressed out from overwork, Cam is told to take in some recreational activities. He appears to go overboard, as he has a sudden personality change, to an overly easy-going, slang-talking, thrill-seeker! What's wrong with Cam? And can he straighten back up in time to help against the Fragra monster, who turns Dustin & Tori into bottles of perfume?

The Bear NecessitiesEdit

  • While out jogging near her old Air Force Base, Taylor is reminded of why and how she became the Yellow Ranger in the first place. She also encounters two mysterious twins dressed in white and black, and aids the mute boys in their search for a powerful flower. Are the twins more than they appear, and how will they be of help against the Growl Phone-jamming Cell Phone Org?

Soul SearchingEdit

  • With the Red Lion Zord injured by the recent use of the Bear Brothers, Cole and the rest of the Rangers go on a quest to find the mythical Soul Bird, capable of healing him. Their forest search is interrupted by both the Bulldozer Org, and Master Org himself, who makes a surprising discovery about the new Red Ranger. Is there more in the woods than our heroes expect, such as a new Wildzord?

Soul Bird SalvationEdit

  • Jindrax and Toxica join forces with Rentinax, the former bodyguard of Master Org 5000 years ago. Meanwhile, the Freezer Org attacks, and though he's defeated, in doing so he reduces the Kongazord and Growl Phones to frigid states! The Rangers must depend on no powers and their determination to protect the Earth, only the power of what lies within the soon-to-be-hatched Soul Bird egg can provide deliverance.

Monsters with Red PineEdit

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