The Power Rangers in the Quarterfinal Battle is a episode to during fun in the plan fate into battle of the fearsome bad guys with...The Kids Next Door and the Spies.

The Impenetrable WebEdit

  • The Space Rangers are lured to an alien world, whilst Ecliptor cuts the team off from Alpha and the Astro Megaship with an impenetrable forcefield, leaving the Space Rangers trusted robot ally and their main computer DECA alone and vulnerable against Ecliptor, who infiltrates the Megaship.

Circuit UnsureEdit

  • Circuit’s memory is effected by an outside force but he may be the only means of preventing the Space Center from being destroyed.

Fishing for a FriendEdit

  • With Princess Shayla in his clutches, Master Org prepares a sacred ceremony within the Nexus as Jindrax feverishly works on retrieving Toxica from the spirit world using the power of some magic and a fishing rod.


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