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The New Rangers (Red, Black & Yellow) is a episode to during fun of a new friends as Rocky, Adam and Aisha. can't the plan of KND to the defeat Dark Oak and his Monsters.

The Ninja EncounterEdit

  • Lord Zedd captures Rocky, Adam & Aisha, three martial arts students with the intention of making them his Dark Rangers.
  • The Power Rangers continue to face the dilemmas poised by the ensnarement of their new friends.
  • As Lord Zedd prepares to turn his captive Ninja Students to the side of evil, the Power Rangers are finally able to make progress in their bid to rescue their enemies hostage.

Zedd WavesEdit

  • Lord Zedd’s latest monster transmits a powerful subconscious message into the minds of Angel Grove using radio frequencies, which also effects the Power Rangers.

A Monster of Global PorportionsEdit

  • Delegates of the impending Peace Conference in Switzerland arrive in Angel Grove, and Lord Zedd takes full advantage of their arrival to initiate an international incident by unleashing a monster created from the sculpture of a world globe.

The Power TransferEdit

  • When Jason, Trini & Zack are chosen to be part of the Peace Conference in Switzerland, Lord Zedd seizes the opportunity to unleash his new zord Serpentera on the planet and the universe.
  • The Power Rangers struggle to escape with the Sword of Light before Serpentera lays waste to the Nameless Planet.

Dark Oak and his MonstersEdit

Red Pine & HatchasaurusEdit

Red Pine (Sonic X UK)
MMPRS2 Classixx - Hatchasaurus
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