The KND Hotel is a special to during fun with Numbuh One and his Operatives in...KND Hotel.

Evil HotelEdit

  • When Clover reads about the opening of a brand new underwater hotel off the coast of Malibu, she's totally psyched. Only when she tries to make a reservation, she's told that it's for VIPs only. Unless she's a movie star, pop singer or celebutante, she isn't welcome. Meanwhile, Jerry informs the girls (Sam, Clover, Alex and Britney) that water levels around the Earth are on the rise. He sends them to check it out. In a b-story, Alex gets over her jealousy of Britney.

Horror HotelEdit

  • The house monsters create a hotel in the Hillhurst Mansion, but what is there to do when one a new creation of Les Fortunes checks in?

Two EnemiesEdit

Hayes (Totally-Spies!-UK)
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