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The End of The Beetleborgs is a episode of the four-parter to during Father creating "The Ultimate Evil of the Enemy of Beetleborgs". can't the Kids Next Door and the Four Spies defeat the evil Father.


  • Vexor decided that he has had enough of all the villains that he had brought to life from the Beetleborg comics, and failed. So, he and the Magnavors go to Art Fortunes' office to see if he has anything new that would help them. They discover a strange drawing named Nukus, but Art tells them that he did not draw it. Meanwhile, the monsters are fed up with Flabber and they decide to put him back in his pipe organ prison.

Vexor's Last LaughEdit

  • Vexor and Nukus watched happily as Borgslayer continued to terrorize the Beetleborgs. Nukus told Vexor that if the Beetleborgs defeated Borgslayer, all the Magnavors would return to the comic books. The Beetleborgs tried to release Flabber from the pipe organ by repeating the same way they got Flabber out of his pipe organ the first time. The Beetleborgs defeated Borgslayer and the Magnavors, and all of the Magnavors returned to their rightful place in the comic book world. But just as the ex-Beetleborgs were about to lead a normal life, Nukus arrived.

Experiment in EvilEdit

  • Dr. Baron Von Frankenbeans' latest creation, a mutant plant, is sought by Mega-Nukus' forces.

Mega Borg PowerEdit

  • The Beetleborgs make one last play to gain control of Boron when Nukus combines his magic and Les' drawings to create Repgillan.

The Beetleborgs Finale EnemiesEdit

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