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The Easier-to-Win Hells is a episode to during fun of a only the villain as...Father to create the Monsters, Terrorize the Town. can't the Kids Next Door defeat the bunch of monsters.

The Green CandleEdit

Rita uses a Green Candle to wipe out the Green Ranger once and for all.

As Jason journeys to Goldar’s Dark Dimension to stop the Green Candle from burning out, Tommy battles Cyclops with the Dragonzord.

Scavenger HuntEdit

As the Power Rangers play a round of Scavenger Hunt, Lord Zedd schemes to send the Power Rangers on a never-ending round of the game.

A Gem of a DayEdit

Using fragments from the Gem Of Souls stashed away by Hunter, Cam infiltrates Lothor’s ship in an attempt to free the captured ninja students.

House of CardsEdit

Ethan’s prized Ruby Dragon Card that he uses to win the card game “Dragon Wars” is confiscated by Principal Randal. Tommy’s efforts to regain the card ultimately lead to him discovering Randal’s true identity.


Cruger faces his past as an old enemy begins inflicting pain on SPD officers before stealing the badges of his victims.


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