Story of the Titanium Ranger is a tv special of Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue.

From Deep from the ShadowsEdit

  • The Titanium Ranger is developed by Lightspeed, only to have the Morpher stolen by the Demons and used for evil by a human with mysterious ties to Captain Mitchell.

Truth DiscoveredEdit

  • Captain Mitchell reveals the secret history of his son, the evil Titanium Ranger. When confronting the now evil Ryan, history repeats itself as they find themselves back in the same situation that led to their separation years prior.

Ryan's DestinyEdit

  • Ryan, now aware he was misled about his past, does some soul-searching about his capability of being a hero. Diabolico unleashes a trio of angelic demons (Demonite, Falkar & Thunderon) to eliminate the Rangers and destroy Mariner Bay by scattering explosive feathers throughout the city.

Curse of the CobraEdit

  • Every time Ryan morphs as the Titanium Ranger, the mystical cobra tattoo on his back draws closer to destroying him. He tries to keep this a secret from his teammate, as they face the Demon Troika and Demonite's clone.

Strength of the SunEdit

  • The last two members of the Demon Troika prove to be a tough match for the Rangers. Ryan, going against his father's wishes, must brave the curse of the cobra tattoo and pilot the Max Solarzord into battle.

The Cobra StrikesEdit

  • Diabolico pools the remnant powers of Demonite, Falkar, and Thunderon, into the deadly Troika monster. If the Rangers can defeat that triple threat-in-one, they'll still have to face a giant-sized Diabolico! Meanwhile, Ryan decides to take his cobra-tattoo curse to the source, returning to the ancient ruins of Bansheera's temple in Egypt. There, he faces the basis of the curse, a Cobra Monster. Can he survive long enough to be cured?

Olympius AscendsEdit

  • Impus, thanks to Diabolico's Star Power, matures into Olympius. He makes the most of his new adulthood by disguising himself as several of the Rangers, and sneaking onto the Lightspeed Aquabase.

The Queen's ReturnEdit

  • The planets of our solar system align into a grand cross, allowing the Spellbinder monster to harness the power and restore Queen Bansheera to her physical form! But Ryan, having grown up with the Demons, is aware of this ceremony, and leads the Rangers in trying to foil their destructive attempt to bring her back to full life. Can they do it in time, or will Mariner Bay be wiped out by a massive tidal wave?
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