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Spider and the Insect Monsters in Arms is a Halloween episode to during Midnight Sparkle with her plan as Hypnomanic & create real insect monsters expect the Spider Monster. to the plan led by Jafar can't the Kids Next Door beat those insect monsters with the spider in it.

Svengali, by GollyEdit

  • Hypnomaniac is unleashed into the real world and he controls the house monsters to attack the kids. The Beetleborgs must find Hypnomaniac and destroy him so the house monsters are not under the control of Vexor anymore. While the Magnavor trio are fired by Vexor and have to make a living earning money off humans.

Itsy Bitsy SpiderEdit

  • Rita switches out a Forrest Spirit Statue from Angel Grove park and replaces it with her own- one which holds her Spidertron inside.

Plague of the MantisEdit

  • While learning a new fighting technique, the Praying Mantis, Trini has some difficulty mastering the move. When Rita sends down Mantis to face Trini, she quickly learns to grasp the concept and uses it to defeat her opponent.

The Beetle InvasionEdit

  • While the Power Rangers are busy with a broom ball tournament against their rivals, Stone Canyon, Lord Zedd sends Stag Beetle down to Earth.

The Song of GuitardoEdit

  • When Lord Zedd spoils the teens picnic in the park, and unleashes his Guitardo monster on Angel Grove, it’s up to Kimberly & Tommy to rescue their friends from the trance Guitardo has them under.

Monsters with JafarEdit

Numbuh One vs. HypnomanicEdit

Numbuh 1
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