Hexuba (PRLG Morphinlegacy)
Sorceress Hexuba - by the Metarex...Dark Oak is a summer episode to during villainess named Hexuba and create Nightmare Monster sends down expect Damon and create the spirit of monsters by Captain Mutiny. to a deal evil as...Black Narcissus to destroy Kids Next Door for good, from the Metarex Commander of Main Evil...Dark Oak. Captain Mutiny helps Hexuba making the spirit of old monsters from the past & destroy the Kids Next Door and Bratz Babyz for good!

Dream BattleEdit

  • Recruiting the assistance of spellcaster Hexuba, Captain Mutiny plots to put the Power Rangers to sleep, to allow easy plundering of Terra Venture. As each of the Rangers are knocked out by tainted flowers, they're thrust into a somnific dimension where Swabbies endlessly overrun them, and a Nightmare monster stalks their every move. Can Mike break the spell, or will he take the big sleep along with them?

Hexuba's GraveyardEdit

  • Upon gaining approval from Captain Mutiny, Hexuba proceeds to resurrect old monsters from the LG Rangers' past in an effort to overwhelm the heroes. As each of the Rangers and Magna Defender work overtime to return the monsters to the grave, Kai decides to seek out the source of the evil revival. This leads to an ultimate showdown with Hexuba herself!


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