Kids Next Door in the Plan Fight is a episode to during fun of a best annual Kids Next Door of the Plan Fight in the fun with Numbuh 362 and his other operatives in the Moon Base. Meanwhile, King Mondo are the plan & getting create two monsters to the destroy & terrorize the quarry. can't the Kids Next Door, Cosmo the Seedrian, and Clover the Spy.

Mondo's Last StandEdit

Rocky begins to feel as if he’s no longer needed with Jason now back with the team. King Mondo takes possession of the powerful sword that grants him incredible strength and uses it to begin an attack on Angel Grove.

Rocky Just Wants to Have FunEdit

Rocky becomes obsessed with Ernie’s new pachinco machine, and when Lord Zedd casts a spell on him, Rocky soon makes having fun his only priority.

Birds of a FeatherEdit

While Zack trains a young student for a karate tournament, Rita sends her Hatchasaurus down to Earth.

King Mondo and his Army of the Two MonstersEdit

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