Hoagie is the Little Kid of Strong is a episode to during fun of the best annual running game with Hoagie goes on a date with Pacifica. Meanwhile, Dark Oak had a great idea brought back as the commanders of the Metarex and create of the monsters. to like a trick play on Divatox. can't Britney and Cosmo are the plan fight two monsters by...Zelkova, The Commander of the Metarex.

Little Strong ManEdit

  • A bite from a radioactive ant effects Justin giving him super strength.

An Oyster StewEdit

  • Zack wanting to impress Angela, buys her a pair of pearl earrings for her birthday. The earrings, which have been cursed by Rita cause everyone in the room to freeze once Angela puts them on.

Second ChanceEdit

  • When Jason & Zack try and help a young boy Roger make the soccer team, Rita sends down her Socadillo who plays soccer by his own rules.

Zelkova and his Two MonstersEdit

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