Explosive for the Two Monsters is a summer episode to during the 4th of July fun. Vexor wants the two monsters of explosive bad. to be a plan with...Numbuh One.

TNT for TwoEdit

  • Van and Trip pay to have the Hillhurst Mansion blown up while the Magnavors have their own plan to destroy the Mansion.

Zedd WavesEdit

  • Rocky, Aisha, and Adam compete in a triathlon. Lord Zedd sends down the Beamcaster monster, who places the citizens of Angel Grove under a spell to worship his evil alien master. It'll take some alteration of signals, and some help by those three new guys, to cancel Beamcaster's transmission for good.

Scavenger HuntEdit

  • The Ranger teens take part in a Scavenger Hunt throughout Angel Grove. They scour the city searching for items that are the answers to various riddle-clues. Lord Zedd turns one of the items, a toy cannon that belonged to Billy's little cousin, into the Cannontop Monster. With it, he plans to have the creature blast the Rangers into the Lost Dimension! Can they stop the monster and win the game?

Beamcaster and Cannon TopEdit

MMPRS2 Classixx - Beamcaster
MMPRS2 Classixx - Cannon Top
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