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Dental, More Like Monsters is a Halloween episode to during the dentist man called Logan Jay sends down with Knightbrace and create the Teeth Monsters are the scary. can't Alex the Spy and his Bratz Babyz up to the plan.

Tooth HurtsEdit

  • When faced with the fast-firing Cavity, Riley thinks Chase doesn’t take the threat seriously, but soon learns that Chase simply has a different approach.

Foul Play in the SkyEdit

  • When Kimberly joins her pilot uncle on an airplane, Rita uses a sleeping potion which knocks him out while he is piloting the plane. With very little help, Kimberly must then safely land the plane and join her fellow teammates in battle with the monster Snizzard.

On Fins and NeedlesEdit

  • When Tommy & Jason try to instill some good values into Angel Grove’s youth, Rita’s Slippery Shark casts a spell on the two making them hate one another.

The Wasp with a HeartEdit

  • Cassie befriends a monster who now seeks to break away and join the side of good, but Astornema learns of the intended defection and orders the creature’s destruction.

Buggin OutEdit

  • A bug creature is released from the newest issue of Beetleborgs. He's accidentally merged with Flabber!

Dental MonstersEdit

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