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A fun debut of Green Ranger Tommy Returns & the Evil Boron is a episode to during about the Green Ranger Tommy has returned. Dark Oak send the evil zord named "Boron" and Red Pine creating the hideous monster named "Dramole". can't the Kids Next Door defeat Red Pine & Dramole. by the fun of Tommy the Green Ranger.

Battle of the GiantsEdit

  • Les creates the Astral Ax, and with it, Roboborg's evil counterpart, known as Boron. Mega-Nukus pits Boron and Roboborg against one another.

Return of An Old FriendEdit

  • Rita kidnaps and traps the teen parents in an alternate dimension and uses them as leverage to obtain the Power Coins.
  • Tommy decides to pay a visit to his friends, and just in time too. Zordon notifies him of the situation and through borrowed power, he is able to once again morph into the Green Ranger.
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