A Mirror & Best Monster Melee is a summer special episode to during classic of the official with...Leni Loud and his Friends. Black Narcissus sends the monsters with Miracon and Destructipede and release other monsters as well including Redeye, Ironspike, Angelcon, Powerdriller, Clawhammer, Sting King, Behemoth and Fearog. to destroy them. can't Sonic the Hedgehog & Donkey Kong to defeat it of the two monsters in the best.

Reflections of EvilEdit

  • The Time Force Rangers are trapped within a series of mirror dimensions, and their only way out is to defeat each of the mirror’s guardians, each of them an old adversary.

The Great EvilyzerEdit

  • A new weapon enables Astronema to turn virtually anything evil which leads the Space Rangers to face a corrupted Delta Megaship.

Miracon and DestructipedeEdit

PRIS Classixx - Destructipede

Best Monsters from the PastEdit

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