Koragg (Official) - S14e21 - by 76859Thomas - Happy Halloween
A Halloween Trial is a Halloween episode to during fun with a plan as Koragg. to create the plan of previously destroyed criminals. can't the Kids Next Door only in the Halloween.

Koragg's TrialEdit

  • After Koragg saves the Mystic Rangers from a virus, an enraged Imperious places him on trial.


  • Haunted by nightmares of his past, Cruger is most intolerable to be around, biting people’s heads off at the slightest remark.
  • When an old enemy of Cruger’s kidnaps Kat, he vengefully attempts a rescue mission with the aid of a new morpher.


  • When Cruger refuses to help B-Squad battle Gruumm’s latest agent of destruction, the B-Squad are forced to solve their latest case without the aid of their commanding officer.

Koragg and his CriminalsEdit

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