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A Grand Finale of the Memorial Day, in the official by 76859Thomas, to the during last end of the Memorial Day & then gets a award to the defeat two enemies known as...Pale Bay Leaf and King Mondo.

Hedgehog HuntEdit

  • After their last battle, Sonic and the others find themselves stranded on a mysterious planet with no hope of escape, that is until an old friend saves them from a horrible fate.

Mondo's Last StandEdit

  • As the Zeo Teens quickly warm up to their new teammate, Rocky find himself feeling left out and rejected by them. When King Mondo comes to Earth to retrieve a massively powerful sword, so he can destroy our heroes personally, the Blue Ranger faces the giant Machine Empire ruler alone in an attempt to prove himself. Meanwhile, Bulk & Skull are hired to track down the original Burble Baby Food label baby. They suspect it might be Jason! Also, Goldar & Rito are reunited with Rita & Zedd on the moon.

Pale Bay Leaf & King MondoEdit

King Mondo (Ultimate Form) - Classixx
Pale Bay Leaf (Sonic X UK)
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