A Grand Finale Halloween is a last Halloween Episode to during end of the plan with...Numbuhs 1-5, Numbuh 78, Numbuh 42, Numbuh 34, Cosmo, Spies (Sam, Clover, Alex and Britney.), Bratz Babyz (Cloe, Jade, Sasha and Yasmin.) and Bratz Boyz (Cameron and Harvey.) in the Halloween Party. Meanwhile, Dark Oak sends Black Narcissus and her monster named "Count Nocturn" to bring monsters come to life, the monsters getting destroy the town known as "Halloween Apocalypse". can't the plan with...Numbuh 1 and his Heroes in the teammup & save the Halloween into...The Grand Finale Battle.

Carlos and the CountEdit

  • Carlos is bitten by a lunar bat and begins to develop strange symptoms associated with vampirism.

Hexuba's GraveyardEdit

  • Hexuba’s next stratagem against the Galaxy Rangers is to resurrect several old enemies and unleash them one after the other. Kai elects to go on a dangerous mission within the heart of Hexuba’s lair to destroy the source of the Galaxy Rangers nostalgic nightmares.

Zedd's Monster MashEdit

  • On Halloween night, Lord Zedd traps Tommy alone in an alternate dimension, and puts him up against a variety of monsters from his past.

It Came from Angel GroveEdit

  • Adam experiences a nightmarish scenario as he falls asleep watching monster movies.

Bye, Bye FrankieEdit

  • When Drew, Jo and Roland go to Hillhurst on Halloween as trick-or-treaters, Frankenbeans is so intrigued with the idea that he sneaks out to explore.

Halloween Haunted House of HorrorsEdit

  • It's the resident monsters' favourite holiday -- Halloween -- and they plan to celebrate by snacking on unsuspecting trick-or-treaters.

Halloween MonstersEdit

Black Narcissus & Count NocturnEdit

Black Narcissus (Sonic X UK)
Count Nocturn
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