Fun in the during...A Graduation Finale with the Rangers.

Graduation BluesEdit

  • As Billy learns he has accumulated enough credits to graduate from Angel Grove High, Cestro, the Blue Alien Ranger, lands on Earth seeking Billy's help.

Shift into TurboEdit

  • Divatox returns to Earth seeking vengeance against the Power Rangers Turbo.
  • The Turbo Rangers race to stop Divatox from destroying the Angel Grove power plant during their graduation ceremony.
  • Zordon and Alpha 5 bid farewell to the planet Earth as Divatox escalates her assault on Angel Grove.

Graduation MonstersEdit

Hydro Contaminator

The Last Plan - Dark OakEdit

Vlcsnap-2017-04-28-11h34m24s26 - Sonic X UK - Dark Oak - Best Villain
  • Friends: Hydro Contaminator & Amphibitor
  • Enemies: Power Rangers
  • History: Angel Grove Graduation Day (Billy & Cestro)
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