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The Story of Lost Galaxy is a Thanksgiving Special to during fun in the Lost Galaxy. The Pirate Enemies are "Captain Mutiny", "Hexuba" and "Grunchor". can't the Kids Next Door, Bratz Babyz and the Spies.

Enter The Lost GalaxyEdit

  • An ancient warrior arrives on Terra Venture intending to take the Galaxy Book and safeguard it. When confronted by Kai, he informs him he has a special destiny ahead of him.

Beware the MutinyEdit

  • Stranded in the Lost Galaxy and cut off from their enemies, the crew of Terra Venture are welcomed by Captain Mutiny, a seemingly benevolent space alien, but when the Galaxy Rangers discover he specializes in slave trading, they find themselves in a race to prevent Commander Stanton from accepting a “gift” bestowed to him by CaptMutiny as a gesture of good faith.

Grunchor on the LooseEdit

  • With Grunchor, a fearsome being starts tearing its way beneath Terra Venture, creating mass earthquakes, the Galaxy Rangers are forced to first contend with Captain Mutiny’s army of Swabbies before acquiring a potential solution to halting Grunchor’s rampage.

Hexuba's GraveyardEdit

  • Hexuba’s next stratagem against the Galaxy Rangers is to resurrect several old enemies and unleash them one after the other. Kai elects to go on a dangerous mission within the heart of Hexuba’s lair to destroy the source of the Galaxy Rangers nostalgic nightmares.

Escape The Lost GalaxyEdit

  • When Captain Mutiny’s forces successfully capture several of Terra Venture’s citizens and subject them to slave labor on a nearby planet, Mike risks his life and goes undercover to retrieve them, in doing so he meets a young girl and her sickly grandfather.


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