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Mondo's Last Fight is a grand finale of summer episode to during Numbuh One and his Spies we're having the final summer of the end. King Mondo having known as the 'Last Battle' for the plan & create previously destroyed monsters sends in the quarry hills. get & rid of a end with...Numbuh One and his Spies. Sam, Clover, Alex, and Britney. to the Final Summer of the End.

Mondo's Last StandEdit

  • Rocky begins to feel as if he’s no longer needed with Jason now back with the team. King Mondo takes possession of the powerful sword that grants him incredible strength and uses it to begin an attack on Angel Grove.

A Bad Reflection on You!Edit

  • Rita creates duplicates of the Power Rangers to ruin their reputations.

Opposites AttractEdit

  • Billy becomes smitten with one of Kimberly’s friends, whilst Lord Zedd transforms the Blue Ranger’s new polarizer device into the monster Magnet Brain.

Zedd WavesEdit

  • Lord Zedd’s latest monster transmits a powerful subconscious message into the minds of Angel Grove using radio frequencies, which also effects the Power Rangers.

A Monster of Global PorportionsEdit

  • Delegates of the impending Peace Conference in Switzerland arrive in Angel Grove, and Lord Zedd takes full advantage of their arrival to initiate an international incident by unleashing a monster created from the sculpture of a world globe.

Scavenger HuntEdit

  • As the Power Rangers play a round of Scavenger Hunt, Lord Zedd schemes to send the Power Rangers on a never-ending round of the game.

Lights, Camera, Too Much ActionEdit

  • A production of a movie would be taking part in Hillhurst Mansion, and everyone was excited to see it they could become a star in the latest Hollywood movie.

Locomotion CommotionEdit

  • A rat kidnaps Heather while she was waiting for Nano to arrive back in Charterville from her trip.

Monster RockEdit

  • A rock band moves into Hillhurst.

The Brain in the AtticEdit

  • The House Monsters find what appears to be a brain in their attic. Little do they realize, that it was placed there by the Magnavores to spy on them and the Beetleborg kids.


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