Vector the legend they were meant to be by sketchmcreations-datop9c
Happy Rangersgiving is a episode to during of a best annual Thanksgiving of the best of Power Rangers. for the best hero fun by...Numbuh 1 of the Kids Next Door. The plan time for the heroes with Numbuh Infinity, Lao Shi and Mabel.

Hard HeadsEdit

  • Nick & Vida have a fight after Nick uses Vida’s table without asking. One of the Ten Terrors attacks them with slime which blocks their ability to morph.

The Yolk's on You!Edit

  • With the Angel Grove High talent show around the corner, the Power Rangers have a lot to deal with when Finster creates Fang in celebration of Rita’s birthday.

Fangs Over ChartervilleEdit

  • Count Fangula attacks the people in Charterville, turning Van and Trip into vampires!

Serpentina and his Cook MonstersEdit

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