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Curse of the King Sombra is a Halloween Special of 6-Parter to during Father creating "King Sombra", a unicorn in the dark horse. took over at Gallagher. can't the Kids Next Door defeat the evil King Sombra.

Curse of the Shadow BorgEdit

  • Vexor, using a piece of Drew's Blue Stingerborg armour, creates his very own evil Beetleborg, the Shadowborg. Meanwhile, a new kid in town catches Heather's eye, and thus, catches Drew's ire.

Rise of the Blaster BorgEdit

  • The Shadowborg can not be defeated by the three Beetleborgs, so the three kids turned to the creator of the Beetleborgs Comics, Art Fortunes. He creates a new Beetleborg, and a new boy in town named Josh Baldwin gets to use the new armour.

The Revenge of VexorEdit

  • When the Beetleborgs lose their power to the Shadowborg, the White Blaster Beetleborg retrieves it.

A Friend in NeedEdit

  • Josh recaptures the stolen Beetleborgs' powers, but feels he cannot handle being a Beetleborg himself.

Raiders of the TombEdit

  • Drew and Josh successfully find their way into the Magnavors hideout and steal an energy rod that contained the required energy to restore the Shadowborg's strength.

Big Rumble in ChartervilleEdit

  • The power rod is used to give Drew the Blue Stingerborg upgrade of Mega Blast. Will it be enough to destroy Shadowborg? 


  • King Sombra is the Secondary Antagonist to belongs created by the evil Father.
  • King Sombra from the Crystal Empire, Sombra prepares to the fight with Numbuh 1.
  • Numbuh 60 protects & fight with the evil King Sombra.
  • Among the monsters brought out by Vexor at the end of this episode are an amphibious monster in Drew's Daydream from "Beetle Rock (1)", Green Cannon Machine, Sword Warrior, Graxxis, LottaMuggs, Garganturat, Photominator, Amphead, Venus Claptrap, Cyber-Serpent, Dicehead, Grenade Guy, and Porkasaurus.
  • Father to bring the monster named Detestro to destroy at Numbuh One & Numbuh Sixty.

King Sombra and his Army of MonstersEdit

KND Father's monster - DetestroEdit


Numbuh One defeats King SombraEdit

Numbuh 1
King Sombra as defeat S3E2-Mirrored
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