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The Return of King Sombra is a summer special of two-parter. to during Cree & Chad creating the return of...King Sombra, has the evil demon returned & destroy the Kids Next Door.

As Time Runs OutEdit

  • The Vilevine monster attaches pods to the Lightspeed Rangers, which will bloom at noon, releasing poisonous spores that'll wipe out the city. Their only hope is a risky trip into space to face the vacuum, but can they survive? Meanwhile, Olympius stages a coup on Vypra & Loki, getting Vilevine to bury them deep underground. But when they pop out in the desert, Vypra ventures to the Ancient Tomb that she and the Demons were sealed within for 5000 years, and attempts to resurrect an old friend!

In The Freeze ZoneEdit

  • Olympius' Freezard monster chills out the Rangers, leading to a needed meltdown by Ms. Fairweather's newest weapon, the Thermo Blaster. But Olympius has bigger problems, namely, Diabolico is back, and he wants his Star Power returned to him!


  • Numbuh 1
  • Numbuh 2
  • Numbuh 3
  • Numbuh 4
  • Numbuh 5
  • Numbuh 362
  • Numbuh 86
  • Numbuhs 44
  • Numbuh 60


  • Ryan Mitchell
  • Captain Mitchell
  • Miss Fairweather


  • Father
  • The Delightful Children from Down the Lane
  • Lord Hater
  • Ludo
  • Vilevine
  • Freezard
  • King Sombra
  • Cree Lincoln
  • Chad Dickson

A Monster - VilevineEdit


A Return of Evil Created by Cree Lincoln - King SombraEdit

Cree LincolnKing Sombra appears S3E1

A Monster - FreezardEdit


The Return of Evil Plan Time - King SombraEdit

King Sombra ID S5E25
  • Friends: Father, Delightful Children from Down the Lane, Cree Lincoln, Chad Dickson, Lord Hater, Ludo, Vilevine and Freezard
  • Enemies: Sector V Operatives, Numbuh 362 & Ms. Fairweather
  • History: My Little Pony Friendship is Magic: The Cutie Re-Mark & The Crystal Empire
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