King Mondo with her Diamond Sword S4e34 - Classixx
Mondo's Last Fight is a summer official fantastic episode special. King Mondo had a one fight with Numbuh Two. he bring two monsters as Bratboy and Oysterizer. can't you defeat it?

An Oyster StewEdit

  • Zack wanting to impress Angela, buys her a pair of pearl earrings for her birthday. The earrings, which have been cursed by Rita cause everyone in the room to freeze once Angela puts them on.

Attack of the 60' BulkEdit

  • Bulk is transformed into a monster and battles the Aquitian Rangers at the water park.

Mondo's Last StandEdit

  • Rocky begins to feel as if he’s no longer needed with Jason now back with the team. King Mondo takes possession of the powerful sword that grants him incredible strength and uses it to begin an attack on Angel Grove.

King Mondo and his MonstersEdit

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