Rumbler in the Summer is a summer special episode to during a fun of the Best Summer Ever. Meanwhile, Dark Oak gets after a plan with Louie Kaboom. to brought some monsters attack in the summer. can Lola Loud beat some of the real-like summer monsters.

Bomber in the SummerEdit

  • Ernie opens up a beach side club that gets ransacked by a biker gang. Meanwhile, Rita & Zedd sends a monster named Louie Kaboom to take over The Machine Empire.

The RockstarEdit

  • When Jason and his cousin get their hands on a secret map, Rita sends down Scorpina to find the Mirror of Destruction before they do.

The Trouble with ShellshockEdit

  • As Rita rests, Squatt & Baboo attempt to take charge and send the clumsy Shellshock to Angel Grove.

Power Ranger PunksEdit

  • When Baboo poisons Kimberly & Billy’s lemonade with a potion that turns them into punks. Meanwhile, Trini, Zack and Jason must do battle with the dangerous Terror Toad who defeats his opponents by eating them.

On Fins and NeedlesEdit

  • When Tommy & Jason try to instill some good values into Angel Grove’s youth, Rita’s Slippery Shark casts a spell on the two making them hate one another.

Fangula's Last BiteEdit

  • Count Fangula's "victim quota" is low, as he hasn't drank any blood in weeks! Vlad the Impaler, head vampire from the old country, comes to Hillhurst to make sure he gets back on track.

Buggin OutEdit

  • A bug creature is released from the newest issue of Beetleborgs. He's accidentally merged with Flabber!

Summer MonstersEdit

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