Dark Oak (Sonic X Finale) - Ep. 23 - TV-Rip UK - by Andyscot
The Mid-Finale into Fight Enemies is a episode to during Dark Oak creating the Arch-Enemies. with Dischordia, Mandilok. Retinax and Nayzor. can't the plan biggest Legend of the Heroes. with Numbuh 1, Baby Cloe, Jake Long, Sam Simpson and Pearl.

Sealing the NexusEdit

  • Master Org begins making preparations for a ceremony that will grant him limitless power. In a bid to free the captive Princess Shayla, the Wild Force Rangers, aided by Toxica & Jindrax, battle against several resurrected Org Generals.

The Sound of DischordiaEdit

  • Master Vile calls on an old friend, Dischordia, to disrupt the Power Rangers with her ability to send them into a chaotic dance routine.


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