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Flutteregg Hunt is a special episode from the parody official from My Little Pony Friendship is Magic.

  • Fluttershy is a fun with Flutteregg Hunt, with Angel, Meanwhile on the city of Downtown, Numbuh 3, Lincoln, Lana, Lola and Clyde must fight with Pale Bay Leaf and his Monsters.

Episode 1: Roar of the Red RangerEdit

  • Tyler tries to master the new T-Rex Super Charge Mode, but after Heckyl plants a virus in Kendall's computer, the T-Rex Super Charger malfunctions and makes Tyler go wild! Luckily, the Aqua Ranger is able to step in before it's too late.

Episode 2: To Flea or Not to FleeEdit

  • While Ernie's Youth Center and Juice Bar is going out of business, a stray dog wanders in, and gives Jason a rash! It's not ordinary rash, but an infection by Rita's newest monster, the Fighting Flea. Can the Rangers find a cure for this itchy menace?

Episode 3: Who's That Ghoul?Edit

  • A Transylvanian bounty hunter comes looking for the Little Ghoul.

Episode 4: The Old Gray FlabberEdit

  • Horribelle leaves a portrait of Flabber on the front porch. And when Flabber retrieves it, and constanly glance at it to see his beautiful self. One thing he does not know is that the painting is sucking the life out of Flabber, making him older and weaker. He refused to destroy it because he was so handsome in the portrait, but the Beetleborgs had to do something before it was fatal.

Last Episode: Hedgehog HuntEdit

  • After their last battle, Sonic and the others find themselves stranded on a mysterious planet with no hope of escape, that is until an old friend saves them from a horrible fate.

Pale Bay Leaf and his MonstersEdit

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