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The Green Ranger is returned! is a special from the Memorial Day of 3-Parter, to a during fun with...The Wizard of Deception. to create a evil 'King Sombra' has returned & create...Rat Monsters, to the takeover at...Ponyville. As The Green Ranger Tommy is returned.

Return of the Green RangerEdit

  • Inspired by the Ranger teens' assignment of "what period of history would you like to have lived in?", Rita & Zedd summon the Wizard of Deception, who sends five of the teens back in time, leaving Tommy alone and vulnerable in the present! The Wizard then uses a piece of Tommy's hair to create a clone of him... with the powers of the Green Ranger and a total dedication to the pursuit of evil! Can Billy, Kimberly, Aisha, Rocky, and Adam survive in Angel Grove, California... during the British Colonial days?
  • With his teammates being chased for being witches by British soldiers in the past, the White Rangers faces the Green Ranger in the present! Is two times the Tommy an even match? The Wizard Of Deception heads back in time to ensure the other Rangers Teen never make it home from 18th century Angel Grove. Can a friendly girl named Marissa aid the powerless five?
  • In the 1700s, the five Ranger teens are powerless against a trio of human-sized rats, as the British redcoats remain on their tail! In the present, the White Ranger must use his White Tigerzord against the evil Green Ranger clone's Dragonzord. Can history be repeated and Tommy turned the side of good once more?

King Sombra & his Rat MonstersEdit

King Sombra ID S5E25
MMPRS2 Classixx - Rat Monsters

The Wizard of DeceptionEdit

The Wizard of Deception (MMPR Classixx)

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