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Nightmare Moon's Revenge is a summer special of three-parter to during Dark Oak goes into love the return of Nightmare Moon. Finster creates monsters with Invenusable Flytrap, Eyeguy, Soccadillo, Grumble Bee, Peckster, Rhinoblaster, Salaguana, Dramole, Robogoat and Snizzard. to the destroy Kids Next Door at the Spectre Theater might be trapped...Forever!

The WeddingEdit

  • With Lord Zedd taking an energy-recharging nap, the Ranger teens are able to take a class vacation to Australia. But this also provides a perfect opportunity for Rita Repulsa to return! Thanks to a youthful makeover and Finster's love potion, Zedd awakens overwhelmed by a desire to make her his queen! Meanwhile, Alpha 5 is corrupted by Finster's virus, shutting up Zordon and sending the Rangers into a trap!
  • Preparations for the wedding of Rita Repulsa & Lord Zedd continues right on schedule, though Goldar is a little suspicious. The Power Rangers are still stuck in the abandoned theatre, outnumbered by a horde of revived monsters. Even if they manage to escape, how far can they get with the now-evil Alpha 5 in control of the Command Center?
  • The wedding of Lord Zedd & Rita Repulsa finally takes place! But how long will the honeymoon last when Rita's dowry to Zedd, the Power Rangers trapped in the mystical abandoned theatre, begins to unravel? Even if the Rangers can ensnare their revived monster captors and escape again, they'll have to reprogram Alpha 5, and take on the largest group of giant monsters they've ever faced!

Nightmare Moon & Dark OakEdit

Nightmare Moon -...timberwolves-!- S5E26
Dark Oak (Sonic X UK)

Wedding Guest MonstersEdit

Guard MonstersEdit

MMPRS1 Classixx - Peckster
MMPRS1 Classixx - Rhinoblaster
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