The Favourite Good-like Week of the Halloween is a Halloween episode to during with...The Two Enemies of Dark Oak. including Red Ecliptor and Boron. can't the Kids Next Door with it in the Halloween.

The Impenetrable WebEdit

The Space Rangers are lured to an alien world, whilst Ecliptor cuts the team off from Alpha and the Astro Megaship with an impenetrable forcefield, leaving the Space Rangers trusted robot ally and their main computer DECA alone and vulnerable against Ecliptor, who infiltrates the Megaship.

Robo RumbleEdit

Roboborg battles Boron... this time on the moon!

Red Ecliptor & BoronEdit

Red Ecliptor (PRIS-UK) - by 76859Thomas
Boron (Moon Battle) - Robo Rumble - by 76859Thomas
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