A debut with...Olympius & Diabolico is a Halloween Special to during fun of a enemies of two. with a plan for Bansheera. The Kids Next Door seen with the evil can of King Sombra is cursed. Bansheera's have a great create known evil curse has been the returned as...King Sombra.

Olympius AscendsEdit

  • In the aftermath of the battle with Diabolico leaves an exhausted group of Lightspeed Rangers at the mercy of a new and immediate threat.

The Queen's ReturnEdit

  • Spellbinder begins a ceremony that will restore Queen Bansheera to a physical form.

As Time Runs OutEdit

  • The Lightspeed Rangers are forced to head into deep space to prevent spores that have become attached to them from pollinating and releasing a deadly toxin into the atmosphere.

In The Freeze ZoneEdit

  • Carter is left on his own when the frigid Freezard captures his fellow Lightspeed Rangers.

Monsters with King SombraEdit

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