Titanium Ranger has returned is a Halloween Special to during Titanium Ranger fight against the evil King Sombra and his Demon Angels. with the Kids Next Door of Sector V with...Ryan Mitchell.

Ryan's DestinyEdit

  • As Diabolico receives his last chance from Queen Bansheera, he releases three monsters who place feathers all over the city, which when nightfall hits will cause massive destruction.

Curse of the CobraEdit

  • In retaliation for Ryan’s betrayal, Diabolico visits the Titanium Ranger in his sleep and carves a cobra tattoo on his back.

Strength of the SunEdit

  • Ryan goes against his father’s orders to help out the Lightspeed Rangers with an untested new Solarzord.

The Cobra StrikesEdit

  • Ryan’s life hangs in the balance as the cobra now lies poised to finish him off with his next morph. Only a physical confrontation with the source of the cobra’s power, a lethal demonic force dwelling within the ancient demon tomb, holds the key to his salvation.

King Sombra and his Angelic DemonsEdit

The Evil King Sombra's Biggest of the Halloween DemonsEdit

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