MMPR Classixx - Evil Green Ranger
Green with Evil is a Halloween Special of five-parter to during Midnight Sparkle creates "Green Ranger" to destroy...The Kids Next Door, Lori Loud & Bratz Babyz.

Out of ControlEdit

  • Rita casts a spell on a new Angel Grove High student by the name of Tommy Oliver and lures him to the dark side. She then uses her sixth power coin, which she had won in a battle with Zordon, to turn him into her evil Green Ranger.

Jason's BattleEdit

  • Still recovering from the mysterious Green Ranger’s attack, the Power Rangers try to undo the damage he’s done to the command center. Meanwhile, Rita gives her evil Green Ranger the Sword Of Darkness to seal the deal.

The RescueEdit

  • As the four remaining Power Rangers continue their search for Jason, unaware that he’s trapped in Goldar’s Dark Dimension, they are then attacked by the vicious Scorpina.

Eclipsing MegazordEdit

  • As the Power Rangers use their Megazord to battle Goldar, Scorpina & the Green Ranger, they are crushed in battle and forced to retreat back to the Command Center.

Breaking the SpellEdit

  • The Power Rangers, now aware that their new friend Tommy is the man behind the Green Ranger suit, continue to do battle with him as he summons his Dragonzord.
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