Zen-Aku (S10e27) - by 76859Thomas - Happy Halloween
The Return of Zen-Aku is a Halloween Special to during Zen-Aku tries to kill Merrick the Wolf Ranger. can't the Kids Next Door & Zen-Aku creating the hideous-like previously destroyed monsters, can't the plan it.

Unfinished BusinessEdit

  • Zen-Aku returns intending to once again bond with Merrick, and only by relying on the power of teamwork can the Lunar Wolf Ranger triumph against the living shadow of his own past.

Wizard for a DayEdit

  • For a school project, Rocky and his science teacher end up swapping roles for a week and Rocky ends up finding out that being a teacher is harder than he thought it would be. Things get worse when Rito transforms his teacher, Mr.Wilton into Marvo the Meanie.

A Brush with DestinyEdit

  • Kimberly is worried she may have to move to Paris with her mom. Meanwhile, Rita & Zedd steals a monster from her dreams and make it a reality as he attacks Angel Grove.

Blue Ranger Gone BadEdit

  • Rita & Zedd turn an art sculpture of Billy into his exact double, while they kidnap the real Billy and traps him in an alternate dimension.

Haunted HideoutEdit

  • Bank robbers steal Nano's money and hide it in Hillhurst Mansion.

Zen-Aku and his MonstersEdit

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