MMPRS2 Classixx - Green Ranger (Ep. 45)
Return of the Green Ranger is a Halloween Special to during fun of a best villain with the wicked King Sombra to among with...The Wizard of Deception. to a belong bring back to...The Green Ranger Tommy as the Clone is a Betrayal of the White Ranger Tommy. King Sombra had an idea into bigger plan with the Wizard of Deception & create the Rat Monsters, terrorize the town of past, and get the rid of...Operatives of the Kids Next Door from Sector V.

Return of the Green RangerEdit

  • The sinister Wizard Of Deception is summoned to deal with the Power Rangers. Intending to trap them in the past, the Wizard Of Deception makes preparations to deal with the teens valiant leader Tommy by pitting him against none other than himself.
  • The White Ranger confronts his clone, armed with the Green Ranger powers, and the two clash. Meanwhile, trapped in the 18th century, the powerless teens are confronted by the Wizard Of Deception and two very large rats.
  • As the Green Ranger unleashes the Dragonzord, a weakened White Ranger struggles to keep his clone under control.

King Sombra and the Wizard of DeceptionEdit

King Sombra vector by 90sigma-d5jha7c
MMPRS2 Classixx - The Wizard of Deception

  • King Sombra and the Wizard of Deception, must takeover in the past. to a plan and tries to kill Loud Siblings and the Bubble Guppies. and then tries to kill the Kids Next Door. for...Dark Oak's Halloween Village Past named...Angel Grove Township.

King Sombra and his Rat MonstersEdit

King Sombra ID S05e25
MMPRS2 Classixx - Rat Monsters

White Ranger vs. Green RangerEdit

A Villain-like Bad - Green Ranger - S2e45 - Classixx
A Hero-like Good - White Ranger - S2e45 - Classixx

  • White Ranger must fight with the Green Ranger in A Halloween Battle Melee.

White Ranger thanks to Green Ranger with the Villagers S2e46 - Classixx

Ending - Tommy the Clone as a Human BackEdit

Green Tommy becomes the Human S2e46 - Classixx

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