Codename KND Kids Next Door
Rangers Back in Time is a Halloween Special to during with...Dark Oak. had an idea with Black Narcissus to a trick plan into the monster called "Photomare". to a brought back monsters from the Rock of Time including Oysterizer, Invenusable Flytrap and Dramole. can't the Kids Next Door defeat the Metarex Commander, Yellow Zelkova and the Rock of Time Monsters?

Rangers Back in TimeEdit

  • Using the Rock of Time, Lord Zedd turns the Earth back, reducing the teens to helpless children. With the Power Rangers unable to defend themselves, Lord Zedd unleashes Photomare.
  • Alpha attempts to free the young Power Rangers , who are trapped in Photomare’s dastardly photo prison. However, even if the kids are returned to normal, can anything be done to stop the Rock of Time?

Photomare & Black NarcissusEdit

MMPRS2 Classixx - Photomare
Black Narcissus (2x15) - by 76859Thomas - Sonic X UK - official

Yellow Zelkova and his Monsters of the Rock of TimeEdit

A Villain of Kids - The Loud BrothersEdit

Loud Brothers ID S01e23 - by ToonFan1994

A Hero Style - KND Operatives of Sector VEdit

The Kids Next Door (Numbuhs 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5)

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