The history of Goose into...Power Rangers Monsterbumps is a Halloween Special to during like the parody of Goosebumps. Puppetman creates all the monsters from the destroyed them. can't the Kids Next Door, Bratz Babyz and Pacifica beat several of the monsters.

Premiere: October 22nd

I, Eye GuyEdit

  • When Rita finds out that Billy is helping his young friend Willy with his science fair project, she releases Eye Guy on Angel Grove to capture the boy.

Happy Birthday, ZackEdit

  • When his friends plan Zack a surprise birthday party, he is led to believe they have forgotten his birthday. Things worsen when Rita sends down Knasty Knight as her birthday present for Zack.

Itsy Bitsy SpiderEdit

  • Rita switches out a Forrest Spirit Statue from Angel Grove park and replaces it with her own- one which holds her Spidertron inside.

Something FishyEdit

  • Due to a bad experience as a child, Billy is deathly afraid of fish. Rita plays on his fear by casting a spell on him and bringing this fear to the surface.

The Green DreamEdit

  • When Tommy keeps having horrible nightmares about losing his Green Ranger powers, Lord Zedd calls on Robogoat to capture Tommy and lure him to the dark side.

A Brush with DestinyEdit

  • Kimberly is worried she may have to move to Paris with her mom. Meanwhile, Rita & Zedd steals a monster from her dreams and make it a reality as he attacks Angel Grove.

Final Face-OffEdit

  • When Rita awakens The Face Stealer, the Power Rangers must stop him from stealing the faces of Angel Grove Citizens.

The Puppet BlasterEdit

  • King Mondo corrupts Puppetman, a machine that entertains children, and has him hypnotize the children of Angel Grove.


The Main Villain - Puppet ManEdit

Evil Puppetman

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