The End of Halloween is a Final Halloween Episode to during the end of plan with...The Fearsome Monsters, is a baddest army of evil. a known as with...Jafar and his Villains. can't the Kids Next Door and his Heroes with Spies and Jake Long.

Carlos and the CountEdit

  • Carlos is bitten by a lunar bat and begins to develop strange symptoms associated with vampirism.

A Mystery to MeEdit

  • Prince Gasket traps the Zeo Rangers one by one as they play a game of whodunit. Katherine is ultimately left alone to contend with Archerina.

Zedd's Monster MashEdit

  • On Halloween night, Lord Zedd traps Tommy alone in an alternate dimension, and puts him up against a variety of monsters from his past.

Hexuba's GraveyardEdit

  • Hexuba’s next stratagem against the Galaxy Rangers is to resurrect several old enemies and unleash them one after the other. Kai elects to go on a dangerous mission within the heart of Hexuba’s lair to destroy the source of the Galaxy Rangers nostalgic nightmares.

Halloween Haunted House of HorrorsEdit

  • As the House Monsters leave Hillhurst on Halloween to do some Trick or Treating of their own, the mansion attracts unsuspecting kids believing it to be haunted.

Bye, Bye FrankieEdit

  • Frankenbeans ventures out from Hillhurst on Halloween.


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