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The Missing Planning is a Halloween episode to during plan and missing someone was...Lisa Loud gets trapped by...King Sombra.


  • Whilst tracking down a fugitive called Bork, Bridge mysteriously vanishes, leaving the SPD Rangers with an urgent need to locate him before he meets certain doom.

Astronema Thinks TwiceEdit

  • Astronema decides to confront Andros and attempt to eliminate both the Red Ranger and sever her connection to her past life.

The Rangers' Leap of FaithEdit

  • Andros brings Astronema to the Megaship, much to the chagrin of his fellow teammates.

Dark Specteur's RevengeEdit

  • Dark Specteur, enraged that the Space Rangers are in possession of his most valued ally, decides to reclaim his former servant by hurtling an asteroid towards the Earth.
  • Determined to prevent the asteroid from colliding with the planet, the Space Rangers use all of their resources and zords. The intervention of a familiar ally helps to turn the tide, but for the Space Rangers, their victory comes with a price as Karone is again enslaved to Dark Specteur.

King Sombra and his MonstersEdit

The Official Criminal-like Evil - BorkEdit


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