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The Adventures of Teamup with Beetleborgs and the Rangers is a Halloween episode to during fun of a best of teamup with Beetleborgs & Rangers. Meanwhile, Midnight Sparkle had an idea about to bring the monsters come to the life of army. Can't Numbuh 1 and his Operatives with Spies & Bratz Babyz into the Ultimate Fight of a Battle Teamup.

Convention DimensionEdit

  • The kids attempt to meet the Beetleborgs' comic creator, Art Fortunes, at a Comic Book Convention. But the Magnavores seize the opportunity to release several monsters at once.

Trakeena's RevengeEdit

  • On the planet Mirinoi, Leo, the Red Galaxy Ranger, struggles against an army of phantoms led by the monstrous Triskull. He eventually escapes to Earth and warns Lightspeed Rescue of a threat to both of their worlds and the very universe.
  • The Lightspeed & Galaxy Rangers unite against the power of Triskull and his legion of phantoms, whilst Trakeena begins to absorb the collected life energies of her captives to regain her insect form.

Time for LightspeedEdit

  • Returning from the literal grave, Vypra schemes with Ransik to unleash a Super Demon that will destroy the Power Rangers. Facing forces they are not experienced with, the Time Force Rangers are soon assisted by Lightspeed Rescue operative Carter Grayson, who calls on his fellow Lightspeed Rangers to aid their time-hopping successor against Vypra and prevent her scheme from unfolding.

Team CarnivalEdit

  • Jindrax, feeling low on confidence following a telling off by Mandilok, reunites with his brother and reforms the legendary “Team Carnival” with him.


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