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A Evil Plan in the City of Charterville is a Halloween episode to during fun of the best in a good. Meanwhile, Midnight Sparkle having create of the monsters plan. can't Numbuh 4 beat those of the monsters.

Fangs Over ChartervilleEdit

  • Count Fangula attacks the people in Charterville, turning Van and Trip into vampires!

High FiveEdit

  • As the teens try to adjust to their new roles as Power Rangers, Rita plots to get rid of them once and for all and traps them in an alternate dimension. The Power Rangers must also do battle with Rita’s latest skeletal creation, Bones. Trini, who is extremely afraid of heights, must learn to conquer her fear in order to save her fellow teammates.

A Pressing EngagementEdit

  • As Jason tries to break a bench pressing record at the Youth Center, Rita sends Goldar and her new King Sphinx down to Angel Grove to attack the Power Rangers.

Switching PlacesEdit

  • When Billy’s switching machine experiment goes awry, he and Kimberly end up switching bodies. They must find a way to deal with the problem quickly when Rita sends Genie down to Angel Grove.

No Clowning AroundEdit

  • The Power Rangers, along with Trini’s cousin, Sylvia, try and enjoy a day of fun at the Angel Grove fair. Rita, who despises fun, sends down Pineoctopus to put a damper on their good time.


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