Nightmare Moon -My sister has been imprisoned...- S5E26
A Dream Monster Melee is a Halloween Episode to during Nightmare Moon creates the Nightmare Monster and the create of evil previously destroyed monsters. can't Numbuh 4 will survive of the monsters with...Bratz Babyz.

Dream BattleEdit

  • When the dream-weaver Hexuba casts a spell that forces the Galaxy Rangers to confront a host of enemies and chaotic situations in their dreams, it soon falls to Mike to awaken his teammates from this nightmarish onslaught.

Power Ranger PunksEdit

  • When Baboo poisons Kimberly & Billy’s lemonade with a potion that turns them into punks. Meanwhile, Trini, Zack and Jason must do battle with the dangerous Terror Toad who defeats his opponents by eating them.

Happy Birthday, ZackEdit

  • When his friends plan Zack a surprise birthday party, he is led to believe they have forgotten his birthday. Things worsen when Rita sends down Knasty Knight as her birthday present for Zack.

Calamity KimberlyEdit

  • When Kimberly is having an unlucky day, Rita takes note of this and sends down her Samurai Fanman down to Earth to make her day even worse.


A Scary Surprise - Nightmare MonsterEdit

Nightmare Monster
  • Friends: Nightmare Moon, Terror Toad, Nasty Knight and Samurai Fan Man.
  • Enemies: Numbuh Four and his Bratz Babyz.
  • History: Power Rangers Lost Galaxy: Dream Battle
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