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Triassic & Ninja Storm Green is a Fall episode to during plan of the best of Triassic Ranger & Ninja Storm Green. A plan as...Midnight Sparkle and his Enemies. with Numbuh One.

Triassic TriumphEdit

  • Zeltrax creates a new monster from the White Ranger Clone’s DNA, White Terrorsaurus. Unable to defeat White Terrorsaurus and the White Ranger, the Dino Rangers must uncover a legendary shield.

The Samurai's JourneyEdit

  • When one of Lothor’s monsters steals the Wind & Thunder Rangers powers, its up to Cam to travel to the past to obtain a power amulet.
  • Traveling to the past, Cam uncovers the history of his father as he tries to protect him and his fellow students from another envious and more unruly pupil.
  • Both Cam’s stamina and new Samurai Ranger powers are put to the test when he is infected by an insect monster.


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