The Loud Kids in the Rally is a summer episode to during with Lynn, Lola, Lana, Lincoln and Lisa in the Rally Race. Porto thinking about real 'create' monster known as...Slippery Shark.

Rally RangerEdit

  • Participating in a soapbox-car derby, Justin contends with a brutal pre-teen bully, named Warren, who's prepared to win at any cost. Meanwhile, with his detonator-making prowess unappreciated on Divatox's Subcraft, Porto, feeling dejected, strikes out on his own, giving the Rangers big trouble! The lack of the tech expert doesn't stop Elgar from completing a detonator and sticking it in Warren's racer. Also, the Bulk & Skull Chimps highjack the previous year's winning racer in an effort to become famous and get turned back into humans.

On Fins and NeedlesEdit

  • Jason & Tommy teach free karate classes at the Youth Center. Rita's annoyed by their friendship, and sends down the Slippery Shark monster. His boomerang-fin weapon casts a spell on the two, causing them to hate each other intensely. This nearly leads to an all out brawl in the Youth Center, organized by Bulk & Skull! Can their teammates intervene in time, and force some teammwork to help break the spell of hate between the Red and Green Rangers?

Porto & Slippery SharkEdit

Porto - new footage - Classixx - Rally Ranger - prgkrfanuk
MMPR S1 Classixx Official - Slippery Shark
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