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With Sound & Ultrasonic is a summer special episode to during with...Decibat and the Dazzlings, we're having create two monsters with Memorase & Grumble Bee turns against the Rainbooms.

Turn Up The VolumeEdit

  • Damon competes with a ruthless techie named Baxter for the role of new Chief Mechanic on Terra Venture. When his rival cheats and wins, he soon puts the whole colony in danger due to his inexperience and egotism when the Decibat monster shrieks havoc upon the City Dome. Can Damon fix the situation and shut the monster up?

The Last RangerEdit

  • The Memorase monster wipes out the memories of all the Lightspeed Rangers, save for Dana. While Ms. Fairweather and her technicians attempt to stimulate their minds with a machine filled with clips from previous episodes, Dana is left fighting the monster alone.

Grumble BeeEdit

  • For the first time in his life, Billy gets a "B" on a test in school! He's devastated as a result, which once again provides inspiration for Rita. She has Finster create a Grumble Bee monster to attack, exploiting his "B" grade dismay. With the rest of the team tied up on the basketball court, can Trini help Billy overcome his self-doubts?

Ultrasound Monster 1: MemoraseEdit

  • Memorase releases the ultrasound attack at Red, Yellow, Green & Blue Rangers.

Ultrasound Monster 2: Grumble BeeEdit

MMPRS1 Classixx - Grumble Bee
  • Grumble Bee's ultrasonic waves attack at Yellow & Blue Rangers.
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