Cooler in the Summer is a summer special episode to a during with...Lincoln and his Sisters with Clyde. Meanwhile Zelkova had an idea evil about of the Sea Monsters, for Dark Oak, to create 'Tough Tusks' and his 'Sea Monsters' with Slippery Shark, Pirantishead, Goo Fish and Crayfish to the sends in Angel Grove Beach. But Lincoln with Clyde and his Sisters having at Royal Woods Beach. Can't Numbuh One and his Operatives to the defeat Tough Tusks and his Sea Monsters.

Bomber in the SummerEdit

The teens are helping Ernie set up for his new Beach Club when a group of tough teens ride in and begin to trash the place.

A Reel Fish StoryEdit

Lord Zedd is inspired by Rocky's claim that he's never seen monsters at the lake before to unleash a few monsters to destroy the rangers. To make matters worse, only three of the rangers are able to respond! Worst of all, once the rangers unite against the monsters, Lord Zedd creates another monster upon the city. What will the rangers do now?

Tough Tusks and her Monsters (Beach Style)Edit

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