Captain Mutiny (PRLG Morphinlegacy)
The Enter of Captain Galaxy is a summer episode special to during, a new villain threatens at Terra Venture, he name evil known as enter...Captain Mutiny. can't Numbuh One and his operatives help!

Beware the MutinyEdit

  • Terra Venture passes through a portal into a strange and dangerous dimension, known as the Lost Galaxy. Within, the colony is soon encountered by a dragon-sailing alien known as Captain Mutiny, who offers to assist Commander Stanton and his crew in returning to their own universe. But when the Power Rangers investigate Mutiny's homeworld, they discover he's far less than friendly to visitors...

Grunchor on the LooseEdit

  • Captain Mutiny's "gift" to the space colony, a ravenous beast known as Grunchor, rampages throughout Terra Venture. The Rangers struggle to stop it from devouring everything in sight, but find the creature to be nigh-invulernable!


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