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Return of the Old Friend is a Halloween episode to during fun plan time for the best return back as Tommy the Green Ranger. Meanwhile, Dark Oak send with the Dramole monster. to brought back as the evil monsters come to life. can't plan with the Spies as Sam, Clover, Alex and Britney.

Return of An Old FriendEdit

  • Rita kidnaps and traps the teen parents in an alternate dimension and uses them as leverage to obtain the Power Coins.
  • Tommy decides to pay a visit to his friends, and just in time too. Zordon notifies him of the situation and through borrowed power, he is able to once again morph into the Green Ranger.

True Blue to the RescueEdit

  • Former Blue Ranger Justin is visited by Storm Blaster, having escaped from Divatox’s grip. The Blue Ranger & Storm Blaster unite when the remaining Space Rangers & Lighting Cruiser are on the verge of defeat.

A Drive to WinEdit

  • Adam teaches wayward soccer player Carlos about teamwork, whilst Divatox plants a bomb beneath the soccer game scoreboard.

Glyph HangerEdit

  • Adam’s play is hampered when he begins to unknowingly use a monster’s staff as a prop, transforming words around him into hieroglyphics.

Monsters with Red PineEdit

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