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Fun in the during...Later, The Fools Day. with Luan Loud from The Loud House and Bird Bane from Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue.

Episode 1: Funny BusinessEdit

  • When Lincoln becomes Luan's clown assistant, he starts hogging the spotlight.

Episode 2: The Great Egg CaperEdit

  • The Demons plan to hatch an egg, which will destroy the city entirely. But a desperate thief, Artie, swipes it from the Bird Bane monster. He tries ransoming it off for money, and gains the ire of both the Demons, and the Rangers, specifically Kelsey, whom he keeps running into. But is Artie really such a bad guy?

A surprise fool - Luan Loud and Bird BaneEdit

Luan Mime ID S1e47
Bird Bane
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